Lemote is the customer-centric innovation company, a processing powerhouse that offers smarter choices for its customers and makes technology more accessible to the world. Lemote is focused on best meeting the needs of computing customers,providing customs with low-cost computers and solutions based on Loongson CPU. Lemote is invested jointly by Institute of Computing Technology(ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Menglan Group, is the industrialization base of Loongson (CPU).

Lemote owns the unique advantages of government, industrial supplying chain, universities and academy. Government, as the endeavor effort and excellent accomplishments, Lemote obtained recognization and trust of government, and undertook a number of projects of R&D and industry for Jiangsu Province Government, Developing and reforming Committee of China, Science and Technology Department of China. Industrial supplying chain, Lemote obtained huge support from a large scale of IT companies, to form a steady supplying chain, which includes many well-known IT giants such as STM, QUANTA, Mandriva, China Digital, etc. Academy, the shareholder, Institute of Computing Technology(ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a state-owned computing institute with a long standing reputation, the source of Loongson technology.

Since the foundation, Lemote has experienced frequent complete tasks of designing and producing with high intensity, which promotes Lemote’s ability and capacity of managing, designing, producing, quality controlling. Now, we offer different customers 4 serials of products(more than ten): Fuloong Mini-PC, Mailoong NC, Yeeloong Laptop, Hiloong Mini-Server. As a solution provider, Lemote offered kinds of solutions for different fields covering : students’ computers, Information terminal, electronic government affairs, safety for information, home-media, multimedia advertising system, industrial control, special computer for insurance and communication, servers and so on., which tells the high performance, safety, low power consumption and low cost of Loongson.