Lemote Tech has an excellent team and broad experience in development of hardware of chips and boards. We have developed tens of chips and motherboards including networked video monitor server, fiscal controlled register, validation motherboard for special chips of fiscal controlled register, mother- board for Loongson 2C/2E processor based Fulong mini-PC, motherboard for Loongson 2E based network computer, motherboard for Loongson laptop, validation and testing motherboard for Loongson processors, validation sub-board for VIA686B, AMD CS5536, Sis315, PCI-Sata and power scheme. Two of them (motherboard for Loongson 2C/2E CPU based Fulong mini-PC and motherboard for Loongson 2E based network computer) have been mass produced and verified by the market for their high reliability. 

Some of these chips and boards are introduced as follows:

MotherBoard for Lemote Computer of Loongson 2E


It is used for Fulong PCs produced by our cooperation.

Development MotherBoard for Loongson 2E


Several slots are reserved for further development. We can provide BIOS, source code of kernel and fully technical support. Besides, the CPU slot is also a test slot for its validations. The sub-board is a validation board of graphic controller which uses test slot and can be used for validating Raedon7000M graphic controller.

MotherBoard for Mailong Network Computer of Loongson 2E


The sub-board is a validation board for VIA VT62C686B south bridge. It uses test slot and can be used in validation of south bridge chips.

MotherBoard for Menglong Laptop


A front view of the MotherBoard for Menglong Laptop

Validation Boards for SOC of Fiscal Controller Register (left)
Sub-board for SOC of Fiscal Controller Register(right)

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The validation motherboard for SOC of fiscal controller register uses VIRTEX II-P FPGA. The board can be used for validation of controllers of storage (e.g. SDRAM,NAND Flash,Nor Flash), Ethernet, LCD, USB and other low speed components (e.g. PS2,SPI,UART). We can provide source code for the design of SOC. Besides, the taped-out sub-chip can be used to develop fiscal controller solutions. The SOC sub-chip which was logically and physically designed by Lemote Tech and was successfully taped out can be plugged into the validation board for chip validating and solution developing.

Validation Board for North Bridge Integrated Display Controller of Loongson 2E


The north bridge uses Altera EP2C20 FPGA, and its output can be directly linked to LCD displayers or linked to common displays via D/A chips. It is chiefly used to validate display controller, also to validate logical functions of FPGAs.

Validation Board for Solution of Combined South and North Bridges of Loongson 2C


The combining of south and north bridges are implemented by Altera EP2C35 FPGA. It can be used to validate the controllers of DDR, PCI, IDE, LPC, USB1.1 and USB2.0. Several PCI slots are reserved for function extending.

MotherBoards for Longmeng Computer of Loongson 2C


MotherBoards for Loongson 2A, 2B, 2C PCs


It obeys to the standards of ATX. The processor works on the sub-board.

Development MotherBoards for Loongson 2A, 2B, 2C


Several slots are reserved to facilitate developing. The processor works on the sub-board can be used to validate CPU.

MotherBoard for Video Monitor


It uses Loongson 2C processor.The initial design of board can receive 16 channels of input signals, which was later merged into 4 channels by FPGA銆俆hen, the data is send to encode chips to be disposed. The video signals can be either transmitted to sever via networks or stored to local hard disc.

Sub-board for Loongson 2C     Sub-board for Loongson 2B


Development MotherBoards for Loongson 1


MotherBoard for Network Computer of Loongson 1(left)
MotherBoard for Fiscal Controller Register of Loongson 1(right)

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The bridge chip on the motherboard for network computer of Loongson 1 is ITE IT8172G, and the memory chip is on the motherboard, which uses DOM for storage,

The motherboard for fiscal controller register is aimed at fiscal control applications, which can provide various functions and interface to such applications.

Validation Board for AMD GeodeLink CS5536 South Bridge


It is designed in PCI form and can be used to validate almost all of the controllers and interfaces such as IDE, USB2.0, Flash, LPC, serial ports and audio ports.

Validation Board for Gigabit Ethernet        Validation Board for Power Schemes

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The validation board for Gigabit Ethernet is designed in PCI form and use self-adaptive Ethernet controller chip RealTek RTL8110SC 10/100/1000.