Chip Design
Lemote Tech possesses excellent ability to design chips. Cooperating with the Loongson research group in Institution of Computing Technology of China Academy of Science and Suzhou CAS Integrated Chips Co., Ltd, we are able to provide full IC design services from front end design to tap out, test and assembly. We have successfully designed a fiscal controller SoC based on Loongson-1 IP core (for more details reference to the column of 鈥減roducts and solutions鈥?, and we possess many IP modules which are designed independently and pass validations, including USB 1.1, 10/100M Ethernet, SDRAM controller, Nor/Nand Flash controller, SPI, PS2, ISO7816, LCD controller, Uart, Interrupt Controller, PWM, GPIO , etc, 
We can provide authorization of SoC and IP, and custom design service.

Software Module
Our corporation has extraordinary ability to develop system software. We are good at bootloader, GNU/linux Kernel,drivers, distribution development, performance analysis, simulators, toolchain, multimedia optimization and various key applications. For instance, we have successfully pushed the kernel patches of our Fulong mini-computer into official GNU/linux kernel; we ported the first full functional Sun Java virtual machine and the first fully working suite to the MIPS world. 

Our representative work includes:

1. Enhacement of PMON 
We made a lot of improvement and enhancement to the Open Source Projects PMON ( thus provided Loongson with a stable bootloader (bootloader is similar to BIOS of PC). The works are as follows:
* Simulator of VGA BIOS: Most of the graphic controllers are hardware initialized by executing a protected X86 binary codes in the VGA's ROM. But on the non-Intel platform, the initialization process fails and the controller can't work properly because processors can't execute the code directly. By integrating an X86 simulator to Loongson platform, we solved this problem and swept all obstacles of desktop applications on Loongson platform.
* Support of USB devices: We added support of USB keyboards, mouse and storage devices to PMON, and implement booting from memory stick and USB CD drive, so as to extend the utilization of Loongson processors.
* Support of hard disc and file systems: We improved the driver of hard disc and implemented support of file systems such as ext2/3, iso9660, etc.
* Support of networks: We added support of network interface cards such as realtek 8139, realtek 8169, Intel eepro100, etc to PMON, and repair some problems in some network protocols, so as to provide stable and reliable networks to various Loongson devices.
* Support of User Interface: With the graphic user interface of PMON and support of auto booting configuration we implemented, PMON became more user-friendly.
* Support of testing: In order to meet the demands of mass producing of Loongson PC, we developed testing software to conduct basic testing of CPU, memory and various interfaces.
* Other enhancements include more drivers of flash, support of software update, frame-buffer driver, direct initializing of some kinds of graphic controller, optimization of memory management.
* Make our source code to public to facilitate development of community developers.

2. GNU/linux Kernel
We have been maintaining GNU/linux kernel for Loongson computers continuously and possess a team of experienced engineers. Some of our work includes:
* We are maintaining kernels of different versions and for different mother boards of Loongson continuously. We have solved a great deal of problems related to drivers and performance of chips, which include drivers and validation for various functions of Marvell north bridge, Bonito north bridge, ITE north bridge, ICT north bridge, VIA 686B, AMD CS5536 south bridge, drivers of NICs such as Realtek 8139, drivers of graphic controller such as ATI Radeon 7000, drivers of USB chips and power schemes for laptops.
* Support and performance test of 16-KB pages. This work involved compilers and binutils besides kernel.
* Porting of performance analysis tool: OProfile
* We have successfully pushed the kernel patches into official GNU/linux kernel.

3. Release Versions of GNU/linux 
We have independently ported Debian 4.0 OS to Loongson computers and fully master the processes and tools of Debian OS development. We cooperated with Nanjing Xinhua System Software Co., Gongchuang Tech Co., Hongxi Tech Co., Jishi Tech Co., etc, and some community volunteers in the way of open source code, donating or providing sample computers and providing Technology supporting. Now, there have been several mature versions of OS such as Xinhua Hualei, Gongchuang, Debian, Gentoo, slackware, etc, which have laid a good foundation for further popularization of Loongson computer. 

 We work out several key applications in the release versions, including porting Office(we port OpenOffice and assisted in the port of Yongzhong Office and RedOffice), Xorg (patches, 3D drivers), optimization of MPlayer, enhancement of toolchains (which are supported by multimedia instructions of Loongson), tools of OProfile, LumaQQ, etc.

4. Simulator of Loongson processor 
We developed a simulator based on the free software Gxemul. The simulator could simulate the hardware platform of Loongson, and we provided it to developers for free (it can be loaded down on our corporation website). It facilitates the research and development of Loongson processors. What鈥檚 more, after this job, we master all the technologies in hardware simulation.

5.Java virtual Machine 
We developed the first Sun Java virtual machine on the MIPS platform, which greatly extend the utilization on Loongson processors. This virtual machine has come through lots of test from Java software. Cooperating with Wuxi Yongzhong Tech Co., we successfully port their Yongzhong Office, therefore making a good solution to the office software on Loongson computer. On June, 14, 2007, ChenJie, one of our engineers was invited to give lectures on the free Technology Forum at 2007 China Software Technology Expo, and his work was highly regarded by the audiences. It is generally considered that the load of porting virtual machine is very heavy; what鈥檚 more, it involves so much detail knowledge that adds more difficulty. Thus, the accomplishment of porting virtual machine exemplified our strong technology power.

We have successfully ported OpenOffice software suite to GNU/linux. Since this software has great size of code, the work of porting needed thorough understanding of system and was quite difficult. This was the first time of porting software to GNU/linux over the world, thus, the work made great contribution to Loongson and GNU/linux communities.

7.Optimization on Multi-media and Porting of Real's Decoder 
In consideration of the significance of multi-media in today鈥檚 computer, we continued to work on the area of multi-media decoding and playing.
* Optimization of MPlayer: Together with the researchers in ICT of CAS, we optimized playing of Vidix and 鈥渕emcpy鈥?of Mplayer.
* Porting and Optimization of Real's Decoder: We signed a contrast with Real Co. to get the reference code of Real鈥檚 decoder. Then,we optimized the code with multimedia instructions of Loongson. Thus,this popular web player can be used on Loongson platform.
* We have attempted to solve the playing problem of Flash players on the Loongson Platform. After testing of several free software, we have gained some experience.

8.NC systems 
Loongson Network Computer is one of the Loongson products that supported by a programs named Transformation of Scientific and Technology Achievement into Productivity of Jiangsu. The network computer of Loongson has several salient characteristics, among them, the software aspects are as follows:
* High-speed, smoothness and fluency screen displaying.
* Seamless integrate of client's multi-media playing and servers
* Seamless integrate of local hard disc and servers.
* Electronic classroom solutions based on Java.
* Customized solution for rural informatization.

9.Development of Fiscal Controller Register 
We successfully designed a fiscal controller register based on Loongson-1 CPU in 2005, and designed a SoC of fiscal controller register and a sample machine in 2006. Now we are collaborating with Huahong Jitong Co., Shanghai on this program. We have accumulated great deal of related technology experience in this project.
* We have developed various kinds of peripheral drivers of fiscal controller, including LCD, print head, and smart card. The directly print driver technology (other than print control card) we mastered is the key technology of fiscal controller develop manufactures.
* Embedded- System: including UC/OSII,ECOS,GNU/linux, etc.
* Integrated Management System of Fiscal Control: We have independently developed an integrated management system of fiscal control; the functions are including invoice management, tax declaring and input mode, etc, which are necessary for fiscal control.

10.Video Monitor Server 
We have developed products of Loongson single channel video monitor server and designed a sample machine of 16 channels video monitor server. In this project, we accumulated experience on video decode chips such as VWeb2010 and on program developing of front end management module.

11. Other Work 
We also have plenty experiences on many other aspects, such as infrared remote-controller driver, touch-screen, television input and output (i.e. television board), MythTV etc. The cooperators of us have added many applications to Loongson processors, including media-ware of IPTV, Landi On-line Game, and electronic document system and so on.